Consorzio Val d'Agrò

     Among the motivations that drive the tourist to make a trip to Sicily, there are attractions that are part of the official image of touristic Sicily. We refer to the Greek-Roman archaeological testimonies, the most famous cultural aspects of the various periods along the traditional itineraries. Against this, little is known of a Sicily that we improperly refer to as medieval; the other Sicily, untouched, or touched very little, by the big historical events that affected it.

So we think it is very interesting to propose this other Sicily.
It is an unknown Sicily: a travel experience among the most interesting, and one to be discovered with attention, but also with the great love that one feels for simple things.

Charming landscapes, boundless silences, and the melancholy of works that are stationary, changeless. A land of men with the sacred sense of hospitality. There is no splendour, no aristocracy of the beautiful, but a succession of spontaneous events in the most authentic human dimension. In the trace of an exciting reading of the territory, rediscovered through the old streams, true nervations of the landscape, but above all ancient tracks of human movements, offers of nature, sea, green countryside, landscapes going as far as the eye can see, traditions and typical produce, are being enriched, day by day, with new offers: hotels, residences, restaurants, holiday farms and facilities…For most of the year the Valley can enjoy a prevalently mild climate and a tepid and clear sea. There is everything, or more exactly we believe we have put everything into it. What is missing the reader can add after a holiday.


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